Small loans for municipal employees.

There are many municipal companies throughout Italy, which are subject to total or partial control by the state or by some provincial bodies which may be, for example, municipalities or regions. The employees of these municipalized companies are defined for these reasons as public employees and for this reason they have the possibility to benefit from some subsidized loans which are in agreement with these companies.

The loans they can access are the assignment of the fifth, personal loans and finally the small loans, on which we will focus more on today. Since these companies are strictly under the control of the state or provincial bodies, most banking and financial institutions have decided to grant workers workers without the need for too many guarantees, in fact their paycheck will be the only guarantee. necessary that banks will need.

Small loans dedicated to employees of municipal companies

Small loans dedicated to employees of municipal companies

All employees of municipalized companies who are registered in the famous Unitary Management of social and credit benefits, through the remuneration of the 035% share through a small deduction in their paycheck, have the possibility to apply for a small loan in a way directed to the Social institute.

We are therefore talking about small loans that are used to cope with small unexpected expenses, loans that must therefore be repaid within a short time, by submitting the application for financing at your workplace, which then has the task of sending it directly to Social Institute.

The interest rate that is applied is particularly facilitated, as it is made up of a TAN, i.e. the nominal annual rate of just 4.25%, made up of 0.5% dedicated to administration costs and a percentage of tax that can vary from a minimum of 0.17 up to a maximum of 2.28%, this on the basis of the duration of the loan and the age of the applicant.

The amounts that can be requested and obtained include the minimum of one month’s salary up to a maximum of 4 months, which are repayable from a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of 48. In the event that you do not have at the time of other loans in progress or financial problems due to previous loans which could not be repaid in the right timeframes, it is also possible to double the number of months that can be requested without however increasing the duration of the loan amortization plan.

Personal loan for employees of municipalized companies

Personal loan for employees of municipalized companies

All employees of municipalized companies can also apply for personal financing through their salary if they have an open-ended employment contract. If you choose this type of loan, the amount you can request is not tied to the transferable amount but to the evaluation of the application by the credit institution.

In this type of financing the interest rate that is imposed is fixed and its duration goes from one to ten years. This loan can be both finalized and not finalized, if finalized it is necessary to present an estimate of the expense for the works that you want to carry out.

To be able to request it, obviously you need to present a valid identity document (identity card, driving license or your passport), the last paycheck received and the last single CUD document received. If you choose these personal loans, in the event that there are financial problems such as reporting bad payers, protests or other such problems (such as foreclosure), the presence of a third party may be required act as guarantor.


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