Loan money for iPad or iPhone 7, 8 or X

Looking for a smaller loan for iPad or a new iPhone? Not everyone has the 5-9,000 dollars in the account that a new iPhone / iPad costs. This is advisable as you have the opportunity to easily and quickly apply for loans online. The vast majority of providers can help you, so your chances of approval are great.

Get started with the applications through Loan and Credit or read more about loans for iPhone and iPad below.

Apply online loans for iPhone & iPad


If you need up to $ 10,000, the web is a good, simple and flexible way to get money without asking questions for the purpose. We have gathered good providers online where you can easily apply:

The flexibility of the online loan market

There is no doubt that the online loan market can offer you tremendous flexibility on many parameters.

  • You can apply around the clock at your convenience
  • Easy and fast application process
  • The requirements for applicants are more mild
  • No one asks for the purpose

In short, it is far easier and faster to lend money to iPhone and iPad online, just as most banks will be reluctant to lend you money for such purposes. They will probably ask you to save up instead. In many cases, you are therefore left to seek financing either online or at the retailer.

You should therefore look for the options online and apply to 2-3 providers. Here, most can help you borrow money for iPad and iPhone. They do not interfere in purpose as long as your personal relationships are satisfactory.

Get started with our list of loan providers, so you can search more places and get the cheapest deal. If your need for money is only 3-4,000, we recommend that you apply with Good Finance. It is free for new customers.

Loans for iPhone and iPad at the retailer

Loans for iPhone and iPad at the retailer

Are you considering using financing from the electronics retailer as an alternative to borrowing money online? If so, there are a number of aspects that are good for you to know. Because it may not matter if you are financing iPad & iPhone financing online or at the retailer, this need not be the case.

When you apply online, you can obtain loan offers in several places free of charge and find out exactly what it costs you. In this way you can eg. Easily see what it will cost you to borrow for a new iPhone 7 mobile. In part, the total credit costs and an APR rate will be stated.

When you apply to the dealership, you will receive similar loan offers back where they often partner with similar lenders. It is rarely the ones themselves responsible for the financing, but this is done through a financing partner. It is therefore not a good idea to leave their offers alone, without obtaining prices from other providers. At least not if you go for the cheapest solution.

You may find some retailers advertising with interest-free financing of iPad, iPhone and other electronics . It is definitely positive that you do not have to pay interest costs, but remember to be awake anyway. Pay attention to the startup fee and the total price you will pay.

There certainly doesn’t have to be any difference between interest-free and free, so you’ll often pay an extra price anyway. Nor is there any greater advantage in dividing the payment into chunks, because they naturally want to earn it. You therefore owe yourself two things:

  1. Remember to check if interest-free financing is subject to fees and other expenses.
  2. Research and obtain loan offers online so you can compare and select the cheapest.

There is no doubt that the bank will generally be the best solution, but they are hardly an option with these small amounts of money. So we consider the above two options as ones you should focus on.

Should I choose iPhone 7, 8 or X?

Should I choose iPhone 7, 8 or X?

One of the most common considerations is whether to choose an iPhone 7, 8 or X? Especially after the new 8’s model has come on the market. It makes a big difference in price, as does the amount of space it has. Whether you choose 16GB or 64GB has a big impact on the price level. Please note prices may vary depending on whether you choose to buy with or without a subscription.

What you have to choose depends largely on your needs, but further down you can see scores on the different models. It can give you a clue as to which models are the most popular and critically acclaimed.

Now it’s not just the price and the amount of space that should play into your decision. So does the user experience as a whole. Here, the iPhone 8 is a good phone in many ways. Just see this review of it:

We recommend that you read reviews and tests if you have not already made your decision! If you only lack the money, you can easily get an overview and get started with the applications via Loan and Credit.