Loan for Furniture Purchase or Furniture Bonus 2017?

Replacing the furnishings can be a good compromise to give a wave of renewal and change to your home, without having to buy a new apartment. In the absence of liquidity, there are basically two ways to go:

  • apply for a loan to purchase furniture;
  • take advantage of the 2017 Furniture Bonus, granted to those who have to furnish a renovated house.

Loan for Furniture Purchase: the best offers in June 2017

Loan for Furniture Purchase: the best offers in June 2017

If you want to replace the furnishings of your home, you can request two different types of loan to purchase furniture, namely:

  • personal loan, requested by the buyer from a financial company. The requested amount is received in your account, which is paid to the seller from whom you purchased the furniture. The loan is repaid according to the installments provided for in the amortization plan;
  • finalized loan, the dealer establishes an agreement with a bank and proposes to the customer the activation of the loan, tied to the purchase of the specific asset. The sum of money is delivered directly to the seller, while the buyer repays the loan for the purchase of furniture according to the amortization plan.

Let’s now see which are the most advantageous offers of the moment as regards the purchase of furniture and appliances.

By requesting $ 10,000 to be repaid in 60 months, Astro Finance offers a monthly installment of $ 190.78 with APR at 5.69%, TAN at 5.45% and $ 16 of initial expenses.

Best Bank instead offers a monthly installment of $ 191.24 with APR at 5.86%, TAN at 5.55% and $ 26 of initial expenses.

Finally, among the most advantageous loan proposals for mobile purchases, Cream bank proposes a monthly installment of $ 186.89, APR at 6.11%, TAN at 4.60% and $ 320 of initial expenses.

Furniture Bonus 2017: features, amount and deduction application

Furniture Bonus 2017: features, amount and deduction application

During 2017, the Revenue Agency made available the Bonus Furniture and household appliances, used to furnish their home.

The IRPEF deduction of 50% is granted only if the purchase of the furniture or appliance was made between June 6, 2013 and December 31, 2016.

The 2017 Mobile Bonus is allowed for the purchase of:

  • furniture such as beds, wardrobes, desks, tables, chairs, sofas, mattresses etc. Instead doors, floors, curtains and curtains are excluded);
  • new appliances with an energy class not lower than A + (A for ovens).

The costs to be deducted include those for the transport and assembly of the goods.

The maximum amount that can be requested

The 50% deduction must be calculated on a maximum amount of $ 10,000, referring to the expenses incurred for the purchase of furniture and large appliances, and must be divided into ten equal annual installments.

The 10,000 $ limit concerns the real estate unit, so those who carry out renovations on several homes are entitled to the benefit several times.

How to get the 2017 Furniture Bonus?

To obtain the 2017 Furniture Bonus it is necessary to indicate the expenses incurred in the tax return, specifically in the 730 model or in the Income form for individuals. To have the deduction, payments must be made by bank transfer, credit or debit card.

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